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Science-Based Forecaster application was developed to provide client assistance by scientifically producing a valuation for asset development. SBF provides quality and integrity in SEC reserves reporting and addresses reservoir engineering challenges for unconventional reservoirs.

The most valuable information one can get from the combined force of neural network and pre-run numerical simulations was the ‘hidden’ FDI factors. We all know FDI exists in every scenario that we’re dealing with in real practice and it’s impossible for analytics to quantify FDI impact on EURs. Traditional simulation can model FDI effects post hydraulic fracture creation but not prior to frac date; hence primary wells impact post frac job are mostly ignored without human intervention. FDI factors are expressed in term of percentages of overlapped frac volume over total SRV volume for any well of interest. SBF users can forecast well interference by applying FDI factor percentage from 0-100% to understand how much FDI volume each of their wells is experiencing.



Below is the main interface of our ‘type curves factory’ page. Evaluators can create any development scenarios by alternating well count, infill spacing and timing, reservoir, completion, SRV parameters along with FDI factors for each well. They can generate their physics-based type curves instantly by applying our API functions.

USI Urtec Paper 3723394 Video and Document



Patent No.: US 10,997,518 B2

Patent Issued by USPTO: May 4, 2021


See Dr. John Lee's 2020 Ryder Scott Reserves Conference Presentation here.

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