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"USI has taken some of the best modeling tools available, numerical and analytical modeling, and innovated a cutting-edge approach that has provided us with physics-based results.  Their process has given us the ability to evaluate a wide range of development scenarios in short amount of time.  They have provided us with innovative technical solutions that have proven to be very cost effective for our project.  I highly recommend USI and plan to utilize their expertise in upcoming projects."Wade Wardlow, Sr. Reservoir Engineer at Contango Oil & Gas


"Using USI has been insightful experience to get a better understanding of well performance. I appreciate their usage of physics based type curves to honor the fundamentals of reservoir engineering." Yogashri Pradhan, P.E., SPE Permian Basin Section Chairman 2020-2021, and Sr. Reservoir Engineer at Endeavor Energy Resources.


“Accurate physics based predictions of well performance such as that delivered by the USI toolkit are key to enhanced profitability of future infill wells.”Tor Meling, Sr. VP at William M. Cobb & Associates

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